Grow your business your customers will spread the word

“Word of mouth” networking is a very powerful and a genuine way to grow your business as your satisfied customers can “spread the word” about your brand and the value of the goods and services that you offer. If you are serious about gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors then you should consider setting up a Reward Program for your business to maximize “word of mouth” opportunities!

MyLeadPod is a professional reward program for all types of businesses that is fully automated and can be managed utilizing a free App that can be downloaded from the App store or on Google play to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Your existing customer base can send you business referrals and on success you can reward them in cash via the App.

It is simple to use and comes with a number of great features including the ability to track leads that you have been sent, access to the MLP directory and Marketplace and a range of business analytics. Your existing customers will immediately see the value of being rewarded in cash for sending you a successful business referral, and who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to earn a little extra income?!

Create your own Cash Referral Reward Program that rewards your referrers in cash is today or, contact us at to see how it can work for you.

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