Marketing with MyLeadPod

MyLeadPod Reward Cards

MyLeadPod Reward Cards give you the power to limitlessly promote your Referral Reward Program – We give you the tools to design your own Reward Cards with your company logo and picture included, we also include your reward amount as an incentive to send you leads.

Hand them out to any clients or members of the public with the promise that if they send you successful leads, you’ll pay them cold hard cash!

MyLeadPod Impact Cards

Want your Reward Cards to really stand out and attract attention?

Our MyLeadPod Impact cards provide as a backing for your business cards, plus information on how to download the MyLeadPod app.
Display them in your office, showroom or hand them out at events!

Our clients find our impact cards are a great attention-grabbing marketing tool that prompt people to enquiring further about their Rewards Program.

MyLeadPod Marketing Tools

  • Hyperlinks

    When you create a Reward Code, MyLeadPod creates a hyperlink connected to that code that when distributed, links people directly to join your Rewards Program.

  • MyLeadPod Icons

    MyLeadPod provides business subscribers with icons that can be inserted into your email signature, website and company newsletters. Insert the link to your Rewards Program behind these icons.

  • MarketPlace

    MyLeadpod Marketplace is an exciting feature that allows business subscribers to advertise their services to anyone registered on MyLeadPod, reach a new audience and promote your business within the MyLeadPod community.

  • Invite your entire database

    Upload and Invite your entire database to sign up and join your Rewards Program with the click of a button.

  • Embedded Registration form

    Embed an unbranded MyLeadPod registration form on your company website, encouraging users to sign up and join your Rewards Program.