MyLeadPod & Toner Print – A MLP Case Study

Today we sit down with Carl and Greg from Toner Print and chat about how MyLeadPod is helping them grow their business

“What do you see as some advantages of using MyLeadPod for your business?”

Greg – “Carl and myself have been in business for many years in different industries, there are always so many different networking and business meetings that we have been taking part in for a long time without seeing a real end result or goal, what’s great about MyLeadPod is that you are able to reward as soon as a user sends a lead and we’re seeing real results”

Carl – “The great thing that we’ve found with MyLeadPod is that everyone wants to do business. It’s very easy to pick up the phone, talk to other businesses that are in MyLeadPod, you’ve got a connection with these businesses right away and it’s a great network as well, you can have as many people in your network and your pod as you like, and that really suits us here at Toner Print”

“How is MyLeadPod working for you at the moment?”

Carl – “Traditionally businesses have always been built off the back of referrals, everyone refers in business and with MyLeadPod having cash incentives makes people very happy to recommend your service to anyone they know”

Greg – “We are now using the MyLeadPod network to our advantage, we recently got all new signage done through MyLeadPod, and we saved money by sending the lead our self, It’s a win-win situation!”

Toner Print are a WA based company who can supply all your Printer, Toner and Paper needs. As a main supplier for all industry leading printers and multi-function devices.

“We offer outright or rental options for all our multi-function and printer range along with a NO LOCK-IN Service Contract with an attractive price per copy”

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