How to Sign-up to MyLeadPod with PC

This article explains how, as an individual or a business, to sign-up to the MyLeadPod Cash Rewards Program.


MyLeadPod is a professional CASH reward platform for individuals and businesses sending and receiving leads.

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If you have a Reward Code

If you have been given a business card from a MyLeadPod member, enter the code found on the back of the card in the greyed block (see example card below).

Alternatively, you might have received a Reward Code via email or social media. Type the Reward Codehere.

A green tick confirms the Reward Code is valid.

This will automatically link you to the account of the person who owns that Reward Code.

If No Reward Code

No code, no problem!  You can join MyLeadPod by using a social media account, or email and a unique password.

Click Create Account.

Sign-up on Mobile

You are able to download the app onto your mobile and sign-up from there as well. Follow instructions on How to Sign-up using MyLeadPod mobile App.

MyLeadPod Account activation

To activate your account, open the email message you received from MyLeadPod and click on the activation link in the email.

The Account Activation form will open in MyLeadPod. Enter your account details.

At this stage of account activation there is another opportunity to enter a Reward Code, which still is optional.

Reward Codes will automatically add the cash options to your Pod of the business who will pay you for successful leads.

Note that the Reward Code entered at Sign -Up is displayed. Make sure your address is correct.

Once this page has loaded then you have successfully activated your account. Congratulations!

From here you are able to register your Business and personalise your account by clicking on the down arrow next to your name.

If you have opt-in to receive emails to help you, you will receive the email below and other emails to help your business grow.

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