How to set-up Custom Reward Codes

Rewards are the cash amount you offer to pay to MyLeadPod users for sending you leads.


Firstly, Business Users are able to set-up a Reward Code and offer multiple cash amounts as rewards. Depending on the business, cash amounts can be offered for:

1. New product sales,

2. Maintenance on sold products or

3. Consumable sales for a product all at different amounts under the same Reward Code. This would be the standard Reward Program for a business.

Secondly, Business Users are able to offer seasonal rewards. Spring Sales can be enhanced by offering cash amounts as a reward for leads. This would be “custom” rewards, generated under a separate Reward Code than where your Reward Program is. This article relates to the “custom” rewards set-up.


Reward codes are set-up in MyLeadPod app. Registered Business Users who have paid their invoices are able to register a Reward Code to enable their customers to send them leads for new business by entering the Reward Code in MyLeadPod.

Note: You must have signed up for a business account before you can create rewards.

To create Reward Codes:

  1. Click My Business
  2. Click Reward Codes where you will see a list of reward codes that was generated
  3. Click Create Reward Code

Create Custom Reward Code

Create your own reward codes by typing a unique code, using alphanumeric letters between 5 and 20 characters long.

Click Check Availability after you have entered your Reward Code.

Green tick mark will appear next to your approved Reward Code. Next enter the Description of your Reward Code.

Think about your Rewards Campaign: What do you want to achieve? Type a descrition that will remind you of what you wanted to achieve withe this reward code.

Now Click the More Details down arrow.

Click the dot next to Custom rewards which activate the fields where you can add options for your Custom Rewards.

Enter Descriptive options to enable users to understand what you want from them and how much cash you are offering for their leads. you can add as many as needed. If you change your mind, just remove the option by clicking the red x next to the option.

To create the Reward Code and the Custom reward options linked to that reward code, click Create.

You will see a message “Success” in the top right-hand corner.

After refreshing your page all your active codes will display. Click View to see all the options linked to your Reward Code.

The Reward Code view you selected will display the cash reward options linked to the Reward Code.

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