How to design MyLeadPod referral cards

This is where we help you to design your MyLeadPod cards for printing – they go a long way to facilitate lead generation.


Download the templates below by clicking on the file name.


1. MyLeadPod Backing Card


The backing card is used to attach a rigid business card and results in higher visual impact when handed to a potential referrer.  In addition, the business card used on its own fits neatly in a wallet or pocket so that the reward code (printed on the back) is easily accessible. MyLeadPod Backing Card size is: 128mm (w) x 171mm (h)


MyLeadPod Backing Card reverse side

The reverse of the MyLeadPod Backing card has standard instructions (same generic layout for all) for activating any MyLeadPod account (see the example below).

2. MyLeadPod Business Card Template

This is the business card you will be handing your customers to generate leads for your business. When using the business card template, personalise the following:

1. Name

2. Phone

3. Email

4. Message – Example: Do you know someone who needs our service/product?

5. Reward Value (highest)

6. Logo

7. Person photo – optional

8. Background – optional

The reward code will be printed on the back of the card for new members to register and link to your pod.

Dimensions for the business card is: 86mm (W) x 54mm (h)

On the reverse side we will be printing the Reward Code – the same layout applies for all MyLeadPod Business Users.

MyLeadPod Business Card reverse side

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