How to Ask for Leads using MyLeadPod

This article explains how you can ask a someone for leads by sending them an email with the Reward Code information.


The person you are asking for a lead from will receive an email with a unique system generated link.  Once clicked they will be able to register and will automatically be assigned to your pod. They would then be set up to easily send you leads.

After successfully logging in Click on My Business from the Dashboard.

On the My Business page, Click on the tab Ask for Leads

The Ask for Leads form is activated. Enter the contact details of the person from whom you are seeking leads. This can be any contact/email – it does not have to be a current MyLeadPod user.

Next, decide which one of your reward options you want to offer this person.

The default is your standard Rewards Program.  To find out how to set-up your Rewards Program go to How to Create a Reward Program.

If you choose Reward Code, you get a list of available Reward Codes to choose from.

You can offer a Pay Per Lead. With this option you agree to pay the person even if the lead is not successful.

The Monthly Subscription option allows you to offer a set monthly cash reward/benefit for the person sending you unlimited leads ongoing.  In this scenario there is no payment per successful lead.  This will form part of your monthly marketing expenses.

Just complete your details below.

Click Send

Below is a sample of the email your contact will receive.

When this person clicks on the link provided in the email they are directed to the login screen of MyLeadPod. Notice the email is already pre-filled for them to sign-up.

After they have filled in the signup form they will be presented with the activation screen with your reward code pre-filled.

There is now an agreement between you and Martin. You will pay Martin for every New Sale you have from the leads he sends to you.

You will also receive an email (see below) notifying you the person you invited to send you leads has actually taken action and joined your Pod.

Navigate to the Dashboard to see there is now a new person who has agreed to join your pod and to send you leads.

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