How does “Send Lead” work

This article explains how the “Send Lead” feature works. As a MyLeadPod user you would click the “Send Lead” option to initiate sending a lead to another MyLeadPod user (that is registered as business user).


1. Enter the information of the lead / referral

Log in to your MyLeadPod account. On the Dashboard page Click on Send Lead.


The Send Lead page opens and the Lead Details form is displayed. Provide the details of the person (lead) that the businesses should get in touch with to discuss their products or services.

If the person you are referring is already a MyLeadPod user, try to Search for the person’s contact details to pre-fill the form automatically.

If the person you are sending as a lead/referral is NOT registered with MyLeadPod then manually enter the required information into the form.

Inputing either phone or valid email address is a minimum required.

2. Select recipient you are sending the lead/referral to

Scrolling down on the Send Lead page to the Select Recipient section, the list of businesses that are already connected to you – People in my Pod would automatically be displayed.

To find the correct business you want to send this lead to you can:

  1. Search for the Name. Type a part or the full business name in the search field and Click enter. A list of all the businesses in your Pod that include that string of characters in their name or on their About page will appear.

Select the Pods you want to send your lead’s information to, by Clicking on the blue highlighted name. You can choose multiple businesses if appropriate. A green tick mark will be displayed next to the Name. At the bottom, the selected Names will be listed in blue framed boxes. To remove a name in the list, Click on the blue x.

The lead, who’s information you have sent to the business will receive an email informing them to expect the call from the business.

The person you have send the lead to will receive an email similar to the one below.

When the link is clicked the Received Lead page is opened in MyLeadPod. The business who you have send this lead to are now able to follow-up on this lead by using the contact information that you have provided.

This lead can be shared with another MyLeadPod user. Eg. Some-one in your sales team. It has to be a paying Business User in MyLeadPod.

Enter their Details in the Search field and Click Save.

Click Acknowledge to let the person who send you the lead know that you have received the information.

When you click Forward, the Send Lead page is opened again, and you can forward the lead to anyone in your Pod or Invite a new company to join MyLeadPod by sending them a lead.

2. When you Select the Invite new form, you are able to send a lead to people who are not in your Pod or who have not yet joined MyLeadPod.

The user or business who has not yet joined MyLeadPod will receive an email inviting them to join MyLeadPod.

When they click on the HTML link, they will be presented with the Login/Sign-up page for MyLeadPod.

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