Add a Hyperlinked MyLeadPod Email Signature

A MyLeadPod email signature helps promote your Referral Reward Program to anyone that receives your emails.


Embedding the hyperlink or Bitly link that’s linked to your Reward Code into your MyLeadePod email signature image will enable  people to be taken directly to the sign-up page to join your Rewards Program, when they click on your email signature.


MyLeadPod email signature images

Simply insert an image of your liking found below into your email signature settings.

The ’email signature’ settings can be found in the ‘Settings’ section within your personal email account.


Add a Hyperlinked Email Signature.


Once you have inserted an image, you can copy the Bitly link or the Hyperlink that is linked to your Rewards Program and paste it into to the image.

By using the Bitly link MyLeadPod supplies, you can track how many people have clicked on the link , and also how many people have then signed up to your Reward Program after clicking on the link.

Open MyLeadPod in your browser and log in to your account.

  1. Click My Business
  2. Click Reward Codes

A list of Active Reward Codes is displayed. You can also see who you have Shared the Reward Code with

Click View

The Reward Code View Page is opened. From here you can copy the HTML link or the Bitly link into your MyLeadPod email signature image in your personal email signature settings.

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