How to create Reward Codes

A Reward Code is a specific code that you create that’s connected to your Reward Program, you can create as many codes as you like, allowing you to have multiple Reward Programs that you can promote to different groups. For example, you may create one Reward Code that’s attributed to ‘New Sales’, while another Reward Code is attributed to ‘Reoccurring … Read More

How to activate your Business Account in MyLeadPod

Activating your business account on MyLeadsPod is too easy! Simply follow the prompts in the video below and BOOM! You now have your own Cash Reward Program. Its nice and easy, just the way we like it.

The Benefits of a MyLeadPod Reward Program.

Once you have set up your Referral Reward Program, you can then direct your existing clients and the public to join your ‘Pod’ and send you leads on MyLeadPod absolutely FREE straight from their Smartphone or Desktop! Quite simply we give your existing and potential new clients an extra layer of motivation to find you leads or use your service! … Read More