What happens when I send a Lead in MyLeadPod

When you send a lead to a business, they are sent an email notifying them of the lead and the lead details are added to their MyLeadPod active leads. On your Dashboard, click on the Sent Leads “View All” to view the leads you have sent and their status. Statuses Notified – Lead send to MyLeadPod Business. Delivered – The … Read More

People in “My Pod”

The people in “My Pod” are the people you are sending leads to. Businesses you trust and would recommend to others. To see the rewards agreement you have with each person, click on their name. To see the leads you have sent to each person and the status of the lead, go to the dashboard and click on sent leads.

How to Withdraw your Earnings from MyLeadPod

From the Dashboard select Withdraw. (Note: minimum withdrawal is $50). Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and add in the account you would like the money sent to. Click on “Withdraw” and the funds will be transferred to your nominated bank account. To view your earning, go to the dashboard and click on Last Months Earnings – View … Read More