10 Key Steps to Success in MyLeadPod

10 Key Steps to Success in MyLeadPod 1. Complete your Account Profile You only have one chance to make a first impression: Upload an image for your profile to be easily recognised. How to upload your profile image Make sure the Description of what you offer is optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – so others can easily find you on … Read More

How to Invite others into my Pod (add Reward Code

This article explains how to invite other MyLeadPod users to join your Pod, so you can easily send them leads or referrals.   Log into your MyLeadPod. Click Invite to my Pod. The Send Invite form will open. If you know the Reward code type it into the Reward code field and Click Enter, If you do not know the business Reward code, you can search … Read More

How to change your password in MyLeadPod

This article explains how to change your password for your MyLeadPod account.   After logging in, click on the down arrow next to your name in the right-hand corner of the heading bar. Click on Account Details in the menu options. On the My Account -> Profile page, go to Change Password section. Make sure to type the same password in the Confirm new password field. After changing your password, scroll down the … Read More

How does “Send Lead” work

This article explains how the “Send Lead” feature works. As a MyLeadPod user you would click the “Send Lead” option to initiate sending a lead to another MyLeadPod user (that is registered as business user).   1. Enter the information of the lead / referral Log in to your MyLeadPod account. On the Dashboard page Click on Send Lead.   The Send … Read More

How to pay Rewards for leads

This article explains how to pay the reward for successful leads.   When you have logged into MyLeadPod, on the Dashboard page, you can view newest received leads.   Alternatively: Click My Business Click Received Leads Here you can see a list of the leads you have and who you received it from.   Click on the Name of the person who … Read More

MyLeadPod International Workshop Bali 2019

Join us for an action-packed 2019 MyLeadPod International workshop on the beautiful island of Bali with special guest Miss World Indonesia 2017! If you love Bali and need a relaxing getaway – why not make it a taxable holiday!   Presenters – Achintya Holte Nilsen | Miss World Indonesia 2017 – Speaking on Belonging. John Caputo | MyLeadPod – Announcing latest MyLeadPod features. Paul … Read More

MyLeadPod 2018 Annual International Conference

We had a BLAST at the first ever Annual MyLeadPod International  Conference As promised it was a fun filled and informative event on how to grow your business with MyLeadPod while attendees also enjoyed the networking opportunity with other business owners and a well-deserved relaxing getaway on the beautiful island of Bali.       Presenters we heard from –   … Read More

MyLeadPod & Toner Print – A MLP Case Study

Today we sit down with Carl and Greg from Toner Print and chat about how MyLeadPod is helping them grow their business “What do you see as some advantages of using MyLeadPod for your business?” Greg – “Carl and myself have been in business for many years in different industries, there are always so many different networking and business meetings … Read More